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Direct customers to your website for tracking to further engage customers after sales.


Justtrack Delivery Mobile App Features

A simple, proven way to boost your delivery performance.

Attendance and Leave Applications

Employees can log in to their respective accounts to mark their presence. Through this app, they can also apply for leave.

Revisiting Lead Locations and Closing Them

With the help of this app, employees can track the locations of the probable sales lead and close them.

Claim TA

Employees just have to insert their travel details to raise travel allowance requests. They can revisit this space to check on the status of their request.

Admin Features

You can create accounts for your employees and other app users. This app will help you to keep tabs on your employees and check the attendance rate if and when required. Through this app, you can assign tasks and targets to your employees, close travel allowance requests, and generate new leads as well. The app will help you to schedule meetings with your employees and generate reports on leads.

Justtrack Delivery Admin Features

Dashboard Access
Just Track allows you to strike the perfect balance of security and productivity in your business. Being the company head, you can manage your employees and other business resources, check their attendance status, and status of the assigned and unassigned deliveries daily. .

● Daily Delivery status

● Employee Leaves and Attendance

● Assigned and Unassigned deliveries

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Report Generation
You don’t have to waste your time digging through data and making lists and charts. With the help of our app, you can check and generate reports for every single task or project.

● Report generation for every project.

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Travel Management
With Just Track, you will be able to check the travel details of your employees and make necessary decisions. With the help of your employee details, you can check his entire travel history through our application.

● Check Travel Details of Employees.

● Download employee travel history.

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